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Q. How does the process to have my home landscaped begin?

A.  We begin the landscaping process by scheduling a meeting with the property owner(s).  During this time, we determine what the client is hoping to achieve.  From that point we ask for a footprint of the home and if not available, careful measurements are taken of the proposed areas in order to develop a scaled landscaping plan.  Upon completion, an accurate estimate is produced to coincide with the proposed landscaping plan.  Both pieces of information are then presented to the client for approval.  Upon approval and receiving down payment, the project is scheduled and the installation process begins.

Q. Why should I spend the money for a professional landscape design?

A.  For peace of mind.  How many times have you heard, ‘pay a little now, or a lot later’?  The landscaping surrounding your home is a living investment.  Whether or not it increases or decreases in value greatly depends upon how it was planned.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done without adequate time and a scaled drawing. A good landscape plan will enable customers to ‘see’ how the landscape will mature over time, and will not allow for improper plant selection or location.  Smart planning will reassure your decision and insure your investment.

Q. How much will it cost to landscape my house?

A.  Every customer’s needs are unique therefore require unique pricing.  Without a brief consultation or a design it would be impossible to provide a cost.  However, a good rule of thumb is to budget 10% of the home or buildings total value.  This would allow for a complete landscape surrounding your property.  Studies have shown that a properly landscaped homes value can increase by as much as 13%

Q. Why should we choose LawnsPlus for our landscaping projects?

A.  LawnsPlus is fully insured and has enjoyed doing business in the greater Fort Wayne area since 1995.  Being in business over 20 years, tells our customers that we are committed to providing excellent service. To earn your trust, our trained and uniformed service crews contain trained professionals with over 60 years combined industry experience, while our uniformed fleet of well maintained vehicles and equipment are proof of the pride and professionalism we take with us to each customer we serve.